An afternoon of fun and resilience

This afternoon I had the absolute pleasure to spend an hour or so with some of our Year 6 children post SATs. As a school we have decided to venture in to the realms of podcasting and I had my first group of keen broadcasters with me to learn some new skills, present their scripts, which, by the way were all independently written and to learn what it is like to sit behind a microphone!

Podcasting is a great way of broadcasting news and views from the school in a simple, online form that people can listen to and enjoy. Armed with a topic or research, each person was given a couple of days to gather their information and to create a script that they could add to the podcast, interspersed with some jingles, played at suitable times by today’s technical whiz, Mia. What an afternoon of fun we had, but what a fantastic experience to observe these children, all of whom showed professionalism and confidence, whilst at the same time a degree of resilience to overcome inevitable initial nerves. Well done Podcasters!

Here are this week’s podcasters hard at work

You can listen to this week’s Westwood Podcast Here:

Happy Listening!

1 thought on “An afternoon of fun and resilience

  1. Mr Bennett

    Lotus class have just listened to the podcast from last week. Here is what we thought:
    Josh says ‘I love the epic sound effects’
    Lily says ‘You wouldn’t even know that it is Mr Rockey!’
    Ellie says ‘nice tunes’
    Eli says ‘nice jingles’
    Archie says ‘awesome music’

    Well done everyone!


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