A round up of recent events

Hello again. It’s been another very busy two weeks in school with so much taking place and to report back on across a range of sports, interests and topics.

Hopefully you will have heard that our fantastic gymnastics team took part in the West Wilts Gymnastics competition at Melksham. From a large field of ? (please add Jo) teams, our team came an incredible 4th place. Once again I was incredibly proud that children from our school represented us so confidently amongst experienced and seasoned other schools with multiple teams. One of the other teachers even asked if we had a full time gym coach! Well done everyone, you deserve it.

Just a quick mention of our blogs. They continue to grow in both content and fame, with many, many people from around the country and the world visiting them. Colleagues from other schools, too, have told me how impressed they are with what we are achieving. The reason is that our children are producing such incredible work and using the blogs as a platform to showcase their learning, that they are clearly enjoying. If you have a few moments, please visit your child’s blog and be a part of their audience, it really does inspire them. Leaving a comment is easy, too, and means so much to the children. Westwoodblogs.org is where you will find us, or follow the links from the website.

Last Friday we were all wowed by the talent and supreme confidence of our wonderful children at Westwood’s Got Talent. With some superb compering by Oscar and Tom, more than ably assisted by Ed and Jo, the evening flowed effortlessly and showcased everything from dancing to magic, science to gymnastics and martial arts to music with everything in between! It was another occasion where the community came together to celebrate everything that is so magical about our school. Well done to all of our performers and a huge thank you to Philly, Karen and the FoWs for another fantastic event. In fact, as I type this, the FoWs are working hard once again to put on an energetic and fun filled disco for our children!. You can see the Wiltshire Times article for Westwood’s Got Talent online at http://goo.gl/zkvVs1. A huge well done to everyone.

Finally, you may have seen the home contact that was sent out on Thursday morning regarding a survey I am conducting. Having been inspired on a course I recently attended, I am currently looking into the possibility of setting up a school radio station which will be about the community and for the community. In the first instance I would very much appreciate it if you would take just a couple of minutes to follow this link from the school website homepage https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WDL8QTC  or go to my blog and complete the survey to register your views. This will help with any application I make to try to secure funding in order to make this project a reality. As a concept I think it will be hugely exciting and has tremendous potential for the children, who will, of course, be the stars. Learning how to broadcast, developing speaking and listening skills and a huge amount of resilience, this could be another opportunity for giving the children a range of life experiences. Watch this space!

With nearly half of this term over already, time is surely flying by. Can I wish you a really lovely Bank Holiday weekend with your families.

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