A day of fabulous learning

As teachers we are always learning and developing our skills as much as the children. It is a career which is constantly changing and our need to make lessons exciting, stimulating and fun for the children is something we work hard to do.

Today I had the benefit and pleasure of attending, probably, one of the most inspirational and engaging training days in close to 20 years of teaching. Tools to tell a Tale was led by three of the country’s foremost experts in Literacy and the use of technology to engage learners and raise standards in writing – Pie Corbett, Tim Rylands and David Mitchell. With our school venturing so confidently into the use of blogging and digital literacy, there was a huge amount of information, ideas and prompts to bring back – in fact I have something special lined up for computing club tomorrow!

It focused on the use of story writing, developing high quality language and even involved some children writing on a live blog from a school in Rugby. Powerful stuff. So, with even more enthusiasm than normal it’s back into school tomorrow to share my day and pass on the inspiration!

2 thoughts on “A day of fabulous learning

  1. DeputyMitchell

    It was an amazing day to be a part of! Thank you for coming and learning with us as we made our way through the day. I’m really looking forward to coming and working with your staff to inspire and challenge them to have a go with some new tools in this growing toolbox of learning tools.

    See you on Monday!


  2. Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa School, New Zealand

    Fantastic to see that you were enthusiastic about the potential for blogging with your students, it was nice to be able to drop by from the other side of the world. On that note if theres anything that we can help with from the other side of the world our school is of two hundred rural students in New Zealand. Ninety five percent of our students are involved in Dairy Farming in some aspect. So if there’s that we can help with or you’d like to connect just drop us a line on our blog.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand


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