A bright start to the year!

It’s lunchtime on a sunny, if slightly chilly Monday and I am reflecting on the fact that we are already at the beginning of week 3. In what has been a very productive two weeks I have had the privilege to lead many enjoyable assemblies, do some teaching and witness many examples of great learning in the classroom. Couple that with the fact that the atmosphere in the school is warm, welcoming and happy, I do believe that we are in for a very good year, which I am looking forward to.

It is lovely to see that the children have settled so quickly, particularly our youngest reception children, who are listening well and enjoying their learning. Our older children have also been setting a super example with their behaviour. Lunchtimes are a little different too, with new benches and tables so that everyone can enjoy a lunch together on one sitting. One of the joys of being a head is that you get to witness the entire perspective of the school, rather than being classroom based. I’m looking forward to welcoming parents to tea on Friday, you are all most welcome.

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