A final round up…

Well, here we are at the end of another fantastic academic year and, once again, it is one that has been full of success, celebration, fun, laughter and excellent learning. I am continually thankful for such a committed, involved and supportive parent community that we have at our school. As I have said many times, Westwood is all about the close community and working together and I feel that, as a school, we have done that very successfully again this year and has has enabled us to continue moving forward which is so vital to being the best that we can be. Your questionnaires will form an important part of our staff discussions in preparation for next year, so that we can provide an environment in which children feel happy and confident to learn and that we continue to maintain the strong relationships with parents that we have.

Of course, the end of the year is often a time for goodbyes and I do so again with sadness as we bid farewell to members of our school community. Karen Hobson, who continues to have such close links with our school, has been a wonderful PPA teacher for us and, since I arrived two years ago, I have seen so many children develop, progress and grow in confidence through her teaching. Karen has given so much to our school in many ways, but also in her capacity as a teacher and she will be very missed in September, moving on to pastures new. Thank you, Karen, for all that you have done for us, we all very much appreciate it and will miss you.

We will also be saying goodbye to one of our Teaching Assistants, Daniel Johnson, who joined us earlier this year. Daniel immediately settled into our team and has had such a positive impact on the children he has worked with. Daniel will also be very missed and I wish him every success as he takes up a full time role at his new school. Thank you, Daniel.

I would also like to say goodbye, albeit temporarily and good luck to Rosie Alty who is preparing for her maternity leave in early September. On behalf of the staff, children and governors, can I wish you all the best with your new arrival.

Finally in our goodbyes, I would like to congratulate our fabulous Year 6 leavers, Natasha Batten, Elijah Bennett, Millie Booth, Megan James, Ellie Kearney, Harriet Leeder, Miranda Meldrum, Noah Mondal, Jack Moruzzi, William Nickson, Ben Scott, Kale Turner, Jake Whittaker and Ellie-May Wyartt. I have got to know these children very well over the past two years and their commitment and excellent approach to learning, as well as their sense of fun and enjoyment has been a joy to observe and experience. This, of course, culminated in the success of their SATs, which was so well deserved. We will miss you all very much indeed and I know that you will go on to become excellent students at your respective new secondary schools.. Good luck everyone and please come back to see us sometime! I am looking forward very much to your end of year assembly…!

Since I last wrote to you we have been thrilled, excited and entertained with Lotus and Orchid classes performances of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. So much hard work, time and commitment has gone into producing these shows and I was incredibly proud of the children and the staff for what they have been able to put together and achieve, learning over an hour’s worth of songs, lines, stage movements and jokes! Acted and delivered with so much expression and enjoyment, it was a privilege to watch every performance; we all laughed, clapped, cheered and had such a good time. Thank you everyone!

The children have also thoroughly enjoyed an end of year disco with Stuart on the decks to round off a super year. With some slick moves and top tunes, the Friends of Westwood School organised yet another lovely event in which everyone had the best time! I must thank Ann, Elaine and the whole FoWs team for their effort, commitment and dedication this year. Raising a whopping £6000, they have ensured that the school has benefitted so greatly from the generosity of the local community and the events that they have organised have been excellent. I am looking forward to working with them as closely again next year, but in the meantime, please have a restful summer!

All that remains is for me to say a HUGE thank you to everyone – the staff, children, governors and you, the parents – for making this year so much fun, so enjoyable and so successful. I am already looking ahead to next year and wish you all a restful, relaxing and enjoyable family summer together.

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