Monthly Archives: November 2018

Clover Class on Westwood Radio

This week Clover class had the opportunity to put together their own radio show and to broadcast live on Westwood Radio and what a show they presented!

With outstanding script writing, huge amounts of confidence and a really lovely way to reflect on their ‘We are what we eat topic’, everyone worked so hard and it was a joy to watch everyone working together. Thank you to everyone who listened and sent us texts. Here are some photos of our fabulous afternoon and a chance to listen again to the show

Today, the Five Sentence Challenge inspires…

Today I had the pleasure of listening to some children in Sunflower Class read their five sentence challenge writing for me. Using a wonderful picture prompt on, the idea is that the children look closely at the picture and write five detailed and interesting sentences based on what they see. This is great for developing writing confidence, engagement and, above all, enjoyment of writing. Once again, I took the opportunity to record this super learning and you can listen to the children perform their writing below.

Also, just this evening, we have been gifted this inspiring ‘toon’ by artist Terry Culkin who has been impressed by the children’s writing and their ability to perform it so well. Thank you Terry!

100wc toon

100wc magic continues to inspire

This first post of the new term comes with a high level of excitement. Many of you will know that I very much enjoy teaching every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon as it gives me a chance to keep in touch with what is going on in the classroom and enjoy being a part of the children’s learning.

Today was a real treat as, not only did the children write some amazing stories for their 100 word challenge blog posts, but we also got to record a number of them as a well. This is something that we haven’t tried before and i was so impressed with the level of expression and how much the children enjoyed presenting their writing. Once again, the 100 word challenge inspired, engaged and excited children in their learning and it was lovely to see.

You can head to both and to read some stunning stories and below you will find these stories presented to you by the children in their own unique way.

Well done everyone, Mrs Skinner would be proud!