Monthly Archives: March 2016

Easter Celebrations

Yesterday morning we were thrilled to have so many parents, friends and special people joining us for our Easter assembly. The children spoke, sang and performed with super confidence and it was another reminder of how lovely it is to bring the school community together. Following our assembly, we were treated again to a fabulous Easter bonnet parade.The children, as always, were the stars and looked incredible in their bonnets and hats, so a BIG thank you to you all for helping them to look the part. With a sea of colour winding its way around the school grounds , it was a reminder of the fact that working in a school is such a joy and a privilege.

Another Westwood tradition is the annual egg rolling competition down the humps in our playground.With much anticipation and a host of beautifully designed and technically brilliant eggs taking part, everyone enjoyed the occasion and it was a super end to a great morning. If you were able to stay, thank you for your encouragement and support, having you there always makes it extra special.

After such a super morning and a lovely final day in school for this term, all that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy Easter and a restful time with your families. I look forward to seeing you after the holidays.

The Great Big Dance Off

What a wonderful experience for all of our dancers on Tuesday!

Westwood Dance Club had qualified for the regional heats of the Great Big Dance Off at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon and wowed the crowd with their incredible performance, makeup and costume. Taking to the stage everyone gave their absolute best and made us all so proud.
Such a HUGE well done from us all and a big thank you to the parents for their help and to Karen for, once again, giving our children an experience to remember for the rest of their lives. Here are photos and a video of the dress rehearsal and we are also in this week’s Wiltshire Times, online here:

We are Cryptographers & Toy Designers

Today in class the children in Orchid Class took on another code cracking theme, this time using Textease to create their own Morse Code messages. Check back soon to see what amazing work they have achieved! Then Lotus class also used Textease but to electronically design the toys they had been thinking about before they write the script in Scratch to bring them alive next week. Such a fun afternoon!

Mother’s Monday

Today in school we celebrated our third consecutive Mother’s Monday where we invite our mums, grandmas, aunties and special people into school to share our learning. After a Mathletics Monday assembly to start things off,  it was, once again, a really lovely day with so many of our parents taking time from their busy schedules to spend time in school learning with their children. From paper mache’ bowls to reconstructing scaled down cardboard skeletons from design and technology projects to phonics, everyone was fully immersed in a thoroughly enjoyable day. Even the weather was on our side, allowing mums to join in their children’s games on the field and with the PlayPod at lunchtime after a satisfying school meal with the children in the hall.

I took time to walk around the school on a number of occasions today to see the many parents who had joined us and the sense of community and atmosphere of fun and enjoyment was clear. A huge thank you to everybody who joined us today, I really hope that it was an extension of your Mothering Sunday and that you enjoyed being with us as much as we loved having you.

Here is the day in pictures:

World Book Day 2016

Today was, once again, full of fun and fabulous learning. So many children chose to dress up as their favourite characters for World Book Day and at playtime the playground was full of colour and excitement. The focus for today was for each class to take an author and look at their work, write in their style and even perform as the author too, from Eric Carle and his Hungry Caterpillar to Michael Rosen and his inimitable style of performance poetry!

It was clear to see that every child had learnt so much and enjoyed being immersed in reading and books. We rounded the day off with a whole school assembly to share our learning and everyone was interested in what had been achieved, I’m sure sparking many to read books written by the authors that other classes had chosen. Another really wonderful day at Westwood School.

Here is the day in pictures, a few video clips and described by some of the children themselves:

More Code Club Fun

Today was another weekly Code Club session and it was just fantastic to see children from throughout the school programming so wonderfully. With our younger children, I challenged them to create a Lego WeDo Project and then program it using the laptop. Here they are describing it themselves!

Code Club Lego Wedo 2.3.16 from Mr Rockey on Vimeo.

Our older children, fresh back from an inspiring trip to @Bristol focused their attention, working with Trevor, on the Lost in Space Scratch module with fascinating results. Here is an extended version by Flo

Lost in Space 2.3.16 from Mr Rockey on Vimeo.