Monthly Archives: April 2015

Inspiring learning

This week I have had the real pleasure to be in the classroom working with nearly every class in the school and it is a constant reminder of how hard the children work and how good they are at challenging themselves in their learning.

Yesterday I was in Thistle class and after an energetic and focused PE lesson we settled down to some Mathletics tasks.  When I first worked with Thistle class on Mathletics some months ago, they, understandably needed some help and guidance as it was their first time, but yesterday they were superb. Not only could they navigate their way around but, more importantly, they were using their mathematical skills and knowledge to answer a range of challenging questions, relishing the opportunity to try something harder. Well done everyone and thank you for a lovely afternoon.

Today I have, quite literally been at the opposite end of the primary age range in Orchid class, working with Year 6. Using Google Classroom as a learning tool, I set each of the children a task to create their own stories using a prompt which they selected at random and had one opportunity to change – a real stick or twist moment! Using our Chromebooks, the children worked with complete commitment and focus for almost an hour to produce some really high quality, sustained writing and it was a pleasure to see. I am looking forward to reading them all this evening.

So, despite the fact that is only Wednesday I’ve had a wonderful week so far with plenty more to come and an international online discussion tomorrow with Clover class and their friends in Michigan. If you would like to join us live, it will be here tomorrow at around 2.30pm when we will be sharing our favourite stories and i will be reading a couple to everyone, both here and in the US. Great fun!

Mystery Skype

Today was our first step into mystery skyping, a brilliant way to practice geography and map skills by live skyping a class from somewhere in the world, but not knowing where they are. Intrigued? We were too, but the children in Orchid class, who I was working with today, turned super sleuths.

Armed with atlases, Chromebooks to access Google maps and a good level of questioning skill were able to narrow down our friends in Ms Miller’s class to Dodge City in Kansas, USA. What a fun time we had, along with some fabulous international learning and a good sharing of knowledge and facts. Our huge thanks to Ms Miller and her class for a fun and enjoyable afternoon. Here we are in action today. Thanks Tom for being chief photographer:

International Day

It’s been some time since I blogged but today is a good day to catch up! We are having another of our International days again today and so much great learning is taking place. I have had the pleasure of walking around school to see the children in action working on rangoli patterns in Thistle class to ‘what makes our country’ quilts in Clover class to Vlogs in Lotus class!

As a means to develop our understanding of the wider world and our internationalism, this year each class has forged a link with a class from another country around the world. Thistle class have linked up with a school in India, Clover class have friends in the USA, Lotus class regularly say bonjour to their friends in France and Orchid class keep in touch with their friends in New Zealand.

It has been so successful and so much fun so far. We have also now introduced time zone clocks onto our display boards in the entrance hall, so pop in and have a look when you have time! Needless to say that I am sure the blogs will be full of today’s learning over the next couple of days. With a combined visit tally to date of over 13,500 on all of our class blogs I am proud to say that at Westwood school we are becoming truly international.