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Bring a parent to blog afternoon

This afternoon we had a tremendous response to our first ‘Bring a parent to Blog’ afternoon in school. From 2 o’clock, parents, grandparents and friends from Thistle and Clover class were invited to spend time commenting on, posting on and reading the wonderful blogs that the children have been populating with their hard work. In a short time everyone was immersed in their blogging and both classrooms were buzzing with great learning.

Thank you to those of you who were able to come, I hope you had as much fun as we did. Here we all are in action

Orchid class meet Philip Mould!

In Orchid Class, the topic this term has been ‘They See the World Like This’, studying the work of artists and the way they interpret the world in their work. So on Tuesday afternoon when they were offered the incredible opportunity to take part in a Skype session with Philip Mould – art dealer, art historian and expert on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and Fake or Fortune, they were very excited!

For over half an hour every member of the class hung on Philip’s every word and, with well prepared questions, were able to find out all about the art industry and what makes a good work of art. In fact the second we disconnected a number of the children simply said ‘wow.

With impeccable behaviour the class were treated to a master-class of in depth knowledge and fascinating stories about his career and world renowned skill for finding lost works of art. Philip engaged the children brilliantly and this really was one of those once in a lifetime experiences – perfect learning in every sense.
IMG_3956 em (2)

Who and where are you?

Welcome to my Head’s blog. If you have visited before, welcome back. If you haven’t, then welcome. I teach regularly in all of our classes and always use my blog as a reference point to show how an audience is so important and also very exciting! Please spare one minute to leave a comment for our pupils. If you leave a comment, it will be shared with children throughout the school and will help to give them a sense of audience. Just say who and where you are. Pupils always like to know a little about their audience and where they are in the world!

Thank you!

KS1 bloggers

I had the pleasure of working with both Thistle and Clover class yesterday, who worked extremely hard. All of the children took themselves on a blog walk to visit blogs of other classes in other schools around the country and the world! Here they are in action:

Year 5 DJs

This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Year 5, who were creating and mixing music as part of their ‘They see the world like this’ topic. Thank you to Lily for the music that you can hear whilst the video is playing.