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Storybox Theatre comes to Westwood…

Yesterday we were VERY lucky to be visited by The Storybox Theatre who performed a magical show of The Three Pigs. For a whole hour the entire school was enchanted, mesmerized and enthralled by the brilliance of Rod and his acting and performance skills, using his own models and sculptures to bring the whole show alive. Once again the theatre came to Westwood and what an afternoon we had!

My very grateful thanks once again to our wonderful FoWs for sponsoring this fantastic occasion.

Songs now online!

As promised, here are a couple of clips from the songs we recorded on Friday. I think they sound super, well done everyone! CDs can be ordered from the office and the order form can be downloaded from the school website HERE Enjoy…

What a wonderful day!

Today was one of those magical days that you remember for a long time…
We have been recording a CD of our favourite songs today and I was so proud of the children for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to singing the best that they possibly could. It has been such fun, listening to them perform, watching them experience the thrill of sitting behind professional recording equipment and considering the fact that they have come a very long way with their singing.

Not least the fact that we needed no more than three takes for any song to get it just right. After all, for most of us, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to record a CD – I certainly know that I won’t be stepping into a recording studio any time soon! I do believe that what we have achieved today will be appreciated, listened to and loved by so many parents, friends, relatives and people associated with the school. I said to the children today that in years to come when they pull out their Westwood with Iford CD from 21st November 2014 to share with their own families, which by then will have been converted to the latest hi tech digital media no doubt, that they can say “I was there” and that “if you listen carefully you might just hear me”.

Well done everyone, I do hope that you enjoyed it every bit as much as I did, you were amazing. I won’t give too much away, but there are a lot of songs, individual class performaces and a staff track, all recorded during the course of the day on the CD to enjoy. I will try to upload some clips over the weekend to give you a taste of what we have achieved, but for now I will just reflect on what a fantastic job the children all did today.

Here is a short video of the four classes recording their individual songs. Have a great weekend everyone.

Esafety evening

Thank you to those of you who attended our annual esafety briefing this evening. I hope you found it useful and it is always an important issue to discuss.

In a world dominated by the internet and having an online presence, where a plethora of mobile devices, all internet ready are scattered around our houses, it is as important as ever to understand the need to protect our children from the pitfalls and dangers of venturing into unknown online territories. The web is a fantastic resource and I am a true advocate of it’s use to promote and support learning and to develop skills in order to prepare for the world of work, where a technological awareness is vital.

Tonight’s meeting addressed those benefits and dangers and you can find the presentation on the school website HERE. You will also notice a wealth of online learning material to support your child, and documents to support you in helping your child to stay safe online. Paper copies can also be found outside the office and copies of Digital Parenting magazine are also available; please ask as I have plenty!

Please keep an eye on the calendar for further parent meetings as I do try to offer what people are asking for so that we can develop a strong and purposeful Home-School Learning Partnership.

Some excellent coding at home!

Finn has been working hard at home producing some excellent coding. I’ll let him explain what he did. Please click on the scratch link underneath to see his hard work.

Chase the Starfish Game

Here’s something for you to try, that I have created using Scratch. After Finn’s suggestion of levels for the last piece of coding, I have created something a little more complex and, I hope, fun to play! Please comment and let me know what you think and how it could be improved.

Have a look here: to see inside and how I did it.