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Lots to report!

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a lengthy post, so here goes…

I would like to thank those of you who took the time to attend our Parent meetings this month. As a school ,we are constantly listening to feedback and always try to provide events which will enhance the Home-School learning Partnership that we are excited to be collaborating with you on. From now on, I will also be adding all of our notes, handouts and presentations to the website, so please check back regularly as the website is constantly updated. We will also be using Home-School Contact to share important information that you may have missed through being unable to attend.

I am thrilled to share that some of our children in Orchid class have volunteered to produce a school newspaper for the children in the school. Entirely from their own initiative, they are working hard to produce a copy every other week, to fit in with our school newsletter issues. I have also arranged for them to visit the Wiltshire Times offices to see how a professional newspaper is created and they will be running an article on our newspaper girls, so look out for that in the coming weeks. It is very exciting to have this as one of many new developments this year and I thank them for their commitment and hard work.

Within school, elections have now been held for School Councillors, Librarians and Digital Leaders. With two children representing each class, these children will now take on responsible roles, supporting their peers, learning new skills and helping me to make decisions about how we can improve the school. I very much enjoy working with these groups of children and their enthusiasm for their roles is a real asset to the school. Already, our Librarians are working to a timetable, staffing the library at lunchtimes and allowing children to borrow and return books. Well done everyone!

I am very excited to report that our blogs have taken off quite dramatically. The children have been working extremely hard, both in school and at home, to write posts and comment on each others work, which is enriching the quality of their writing and that of others. Furthermore, however, we have spread our audience far beyond Westwood now, with visits from schools and teachers in Australia, USA, Cumbria and Rugby. They have taken the time to comment on our children’s writing and a broad network is starting to develop which will, undoubtedly, encourage our children even further. I would ask that, if you have a few moments, to stop by your child’s class blog – the link to all our blogs is from the drop down tab on the website homepage and to leave a comment. It needn’t be lengthy, but will inspire them to write. Guidance for leaving comments can be found on each blog and on the website. This promises to be an exciting way forward for us as a school and your involvement would improve it even further.

Finally, you may have noticed that we are now on Twitter from the feed on our home page. Our first venture into the world of social media is via our school account – @wwischool. If you have the facility, please follow us and keep up to date with all that is happening in school – we do like to keep you informed. Watch out for class accounts run by the teachers in the near future!

Don’t forget the Well Done Blog – celebrating all that happens on a regular basis in the children’s learning. With so much to share, our blogs are becoming very full!


Music on a Monday

Monday is always strings day with Daniel and I just managed to record the last part of our brilliant Year 3 session, which was their first violin session using a bow. Well done everyone!