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Sshhh! It’s the Big Write

I haven’t done this before, so here’s a sneak into the classes as they are hard at work on their big write, which we do every Friday. Note the intense concentration and feverish pen and pencil action as the children all work hard to get their punctuation accurate and their joined handwriting looking fantastic.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Big Write Clover 1 Big Write Clover 2 Big Write Lotus 1 Big Write Lotus 2 Big Write Orchid 1 Big Write Orchid 2

Orchid Class go to Kensuke’s Kingdom

What a day orchid class are having! So far they have been into the woods, cooked with Mrs Tyler over a fire and generally had the best outdoor learning experience possible. Tonight it’s back to school for one of those unforgettable, ‘I stayed at school’ nights!

Here is a slideshow of their amazing day so far…

Kensuke’s Kingdom on PhotoPeach

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#118

This week’s prompt is …it was just a sea of faces… I based this on our visit to BETT on Thursday.

BETTer to be there than not

Alighting the train, it was the usual follow-my-leader approach with the many other professionals, each an expert in their field, desperate to see what new gadget they could add to their school’s rapidly depleting resource base. He’d never been one for crowds and the feeling of trepidation as he walking amongst the hoards of people was growing, a twisted knot of burning anxiety filled his stomach. For a simple village boy this was an adventure and he felt increasingly anomalous in the capital. Stepping into the bright lights and hum of a packed exhibition it was just a sea of faces but he knew that he belonged….

It’s Friday again!

Firstly, my apologies for not adding anything to the blog this week. I have been training and up and down the country gaining new ideas for taking the school forward. Whilst this has been both fun and useful, I do miss being in school with the children.

Celebration assembly this morning was a lovely reminder of just how hard the children are working every day and how this is reflected in the awards that the staff are giving. I also felt extremely privileged to share the children’s out of school achievements, of which there were many – and so diverse!

This morning it was great to be back in the classroom again teaching Clover class. It is always Big Write day on a Friday and today’s excitement was writing dinosaur stories. As always there was good commitment from the children towards their learning and the results are super. They have clearly listened to the teaching that they have shared with Mrs Charleton this week. Well done everyone.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our Westwood writers as I know that Orchid class’ homework is to add to the Westwood Writers blog. Everyone is welcome to contribute, so follow the link at the side to see what we are doing and leave a comment if you’d like to. I did have great fun in Orchid class on Wednesday afternoon. We were learning about Google sites and everyone was able to create their own simple website for the class to see in an afternoon. The level of technical understanding is great and really does promote the use of collaborative learning. Ask your child to log into their Google account and you can have a look at the results.

As I write this Lotus class are outdoor learning and, from the sounds of it, having a fantastic time. Mr Bennett mentioned that it was an orienteering exercise to begin a new unit of work. I am sure the children will enlighten you – I don’t want to spoil the surprise…

I must mention before I sign off that Thistle class, after their concerted efforts this week, won the Westwood Wonder trophy by the biggest ever margin. A HUGE 24 points saw them romp home with the trophy to enjoy in their class. Well done to all of you!

Now we are half way through the term, which is something of a reality check. Have a super weekend.

The end of another busy week…

…in which we have seen colour mixing to paint dinosaurs in Clover class, making rocks from food in Orchid class, discussing Romans in Lotus class and dinosaur report writing in Thistle class.

I am always pleased to see the range of learning that takes place on a daily basis and the enthusiasm which the children bring to their learning. I was lucky enough to be teaching yesterday, so had the opportunity to spend time talking to the children and influencing their learning, encouraging them to use enquiry to develop their knowledge and understanding of a topic that clearly engages and excites them. Furthermore, it is so good to see the impact that the Big Write has had on writing since we introduced it in September. Children are writing with improved confidence and presentation, thanks to our rainbow writing and pink punctuation. Well done everyone!

I hope you enjoyed our school meals taster session on Wednesday from Mrs B’s. It was certainly well received and I have heard many positive comments about the food, which smelt and tasted delicious! Please remember to complete the feedback form that you will have received today as that will help us to assess demand for school meals.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to join me next Friday after school for tea and cakes with the Head.

Frere Jacques

I often hear melodic tunes coming from Orchid class but this afternoon I was invited to a live performance of Frere Jacques, which was superb. Not only did the children sing well, but their pronunciation of French is progressing so strongly, it was a pleasure to be invited. not only that, the song was performed in 3 groups in the round, which made it even more special. Well done everyone!

Elsewhere, around Westwood, Clover class were being incredibly artistic with colour mixing their dinosaurs and loving it, whilst Thistle class were on a sound walk, listening for unusual sounds around the school. I am sure there were many and just by using your ears it is always interesting to gain a different perspective of the school. After yesterday’s visit to the pool, I have no doubt that Lotus class have a number of future Olympians in the making…

Speaking of sports, i attended a PE meeting yesterday to find out more of the cluster sports events which are taking place regularly. I now have dates and events, so will let you know these, so that your children can take part, if they would like to.

Friday Celebrations

Today we had our first Friday celebration assembly of the New Year and it was lovely to see so many children sharing such a diverse range of learning after only a few days, with so many parents attending  – thank you.

Celebration assembly is always my favourite day of the week and today was no exception, so well done to everyone who has come back into the new term with such a wonderful attitude to learning.

The children have also been busy outside of school too, with everything from golfers to judo experts to footballers of the week. We always encourage everyone, who has a skill, hobby or interest, outside of school, to share their achievements as I believe it is an important part of our school ethos. Please bring in your awards and certificates if you have them, we always enjoy celebrating your achievements. Our celebration assembly is always an open invitation for parents, too, so please come along if you have the time.

Have a lovely weekend everybody.