Monthly Archives: October 2013

When you know you’ve made an impact

A very busy last couple of days has meant that I haven’t been able to add as much as I would normally. I do have to share this, though…My Monday assemblies this term have been focusing on cooperation, with some good discussion had between myself and the children and many examples to be seen throughout the school at all times of the day.

With that in mind, I had one of those moments which takes you by surprise and makes you smile when I visited one of our classes yesterday, but I won’t say which. I asked two children what they were learning, as I always do and one of them looked up confidently and told me that they were problem solving but that they had been doing ‘that cooperative thing that you talk about in assembly’! Clearly he had remembered, not only that, he had been working successfully with his partner on some super learning.

I also had the pleasure of watching Clover class practice their dancing this afternoon. Themed on their topic, it is amazing to see how they have picked up a routine so quickly and with such clever coordination. Well done everyone. Hard to believe that we’ve only a day left of this term…

Wet and rainy Monday, but a trip down memory lane

As I was on duty this morning in a blustery and extremely autumnal playground – good fun, leaves everywhere and VERY excited children running around – it reminded me of when I was at primary school (many years ago!). That feeling of being able to run blindly outside after some learning to see your friends, make up a game, fall out, fall back in again and to generally just be a child. Although my memory serves me less efficiently than it used to, I still remember the excitement of being able to just play.
It was a joy to see children doing just that in all corners of our playground, from the reception children who are still finding their way into a new school, to the Year 6 boys playing a game of handball to the pockets of children in-between who were just happy to have a chat and catch up. All on a slightly colder and very damp piece of tarmac which for most of the day sits unused, but springs to life at 10.30 in the morning, when happy children play their games and make their fun. If ever proof were needed of the importance for children to hold onto their childhood, this was it.

Please feel free to have a say

I thought, as we were nearing the end of term, that it might be an idea to get some feedback, firstly on what everyone feels has gone well this term. This will be shortly followed by a wall for people to post what they feel could have been improved. As a school, I want us to be continually moving forward and very much value your input and ideas, so please add something if you would like to. Thank you.

An exciting 24 hours…

…it most certainly has been. This time last night I was learning some moves from the Year 5 and 6 children at the brilliant FoWs disco. Stuart worked the crowd well on the decks and Philly, Jo, Karen and the FoWs team once again did a fantastic job at organising such a fun event, thank you to you all.

The children certainly enjoyed it and I wasn’t a bit surprised to see some of them a little jaded this morning. Not that you would know it as we had a very special performance in celebration assembly from Orchid class and dance club who have all been working hard with Mrs Hobson to learn some complex dance routines. Bags of energy, perfect timing and so many huge smiles, it made me very proud, not to mention the large audience of parents and friends that were in attendance. Thank you to you all for coming and making it a memorable morning for us all. Add to that some wonderful Big Writing and a fun and very varied afternoon throughout the school, today has been a great end to a lovely week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Outdoor learning in the rain

One of the best things about my job is the variety that it affords. This morning I had the pleasure of joining a Thistle class welly walk. A timely email from Mrs Cook last night ensured that I had my wellies and waterproof in the car…and did I need them! Great outdoor learning in the rain made it all the more fun and the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring doing words.

From a damp, but enjoyable walk with Thistle class to a session of paperwork to watching a talented dance session in the hall this afternoon. Once again Mrs Hobson was leading our KS1 children and they loved it! Some great tunes and inspiring moves made for a lesson where the children all left excited and wanting more. To top it all, the sun came out this afternoon to brighten the end of the day when I managed to catch some seriously good golfing in the hall during after school club. Don’t be surprised to see some of our children in the Ryder cup in future…

Time flies

It was one of those occasions today when I actually stopped to think about how quickly this term is going and it’s hard to believe we are almost 7 weeks through. Having been out this morning on a course, I was grateful to be back in school with the children again and the French tones coming from Orchid class were, once again, extremely pleasant, lots of good pronunciation and laughter, which is always lovely to hear. Learning should be fun.

With some intricate images coming through the copier I was intrigued to find out what Lotus class were working on, so took my daily stroll around school to see some fine and detailed art work in full flow. Using pencil only, the children were working extremely hard to replicate their chosen work of art and the shading and concentration was excellent. We do have some super artists. In Clover class pencils were also working furiously, but with control, as they practised their handwriting. I also had the joy of sharing a wonderful piece of work on connectives from a year 2 child this afternoon and it shows how the practice is paying dividends in the children’s extended writing. On a final note, I still can’t walk through Thistle class without smiling at the brilliant rocket they have for their space topic and the way the children use it for role play – it is magical. If you get the chance, pop in to have a look, it’s so creative and imaginative.

Don’t forget the disco on Thursday evening, so get your dancing shoes ready, it’s sure to be a great night!