1000 Hits!

Thank you, I am staggered at how often my blog gets read. I do enjoy writing about what happens each day and I am glad that you are enjoying reading it.

At the weekend I put up my trees and decorations at home, so I was feeling generally festive coming in this morning. After a good assembly with the children in which we looked at our new advent ring and discussed its significance, everyone settled down to their usual focused learning. As usual, the diversity of learning that takes place in a typical day is quite enlightening and I enjoyed finding out about it from the children when I shared a crisp, but very pleasant playground duty with them.

This afternoon has been very busy – piano lessons in the entrance hall, performance practice in the hall (if you haven’t yet got your tickets, please do, as it sounds incredible!) and fractions and money in Lotus and Orchid class. Quite a bit of head scratching going on, converting fractions to decimals, but a high level of engagement and learning taking place.

With only 9 school days left now until Christmas, there always seems so much excitement left to fit in – Christmas lunch, parties, tea and mince pies with the head……what fun…

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